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About Us

American Pre-Trial Monitoring Services was formed in 2020 in order to assist the criminally accused (1) escape pre-trial detention that might not otherwise be possible due to the high costs associated with the traditional ankle monitor; (2) provide resources through strategic partnerships in hopes that the underlying issues contributing to the introduction into the system are resolved.


Cell-Phone Based Ankle Monitor Replacement

Our cell-phone based ankle monitor alternative is a tangible representation of what the use of bail could be, a concept that when applied correctly, will serve all parties concerned.

It is our vision that an individual is only introduced into the criminal justice system a single time and during this exposure they are justly punished for their offensive behavior and provided the necessary resources to prevent reintroduction.

Countless studies have suggested that mental illness and addiction are driving forces responsible for the introduction and continued presence in the criminal justice system. From within the app's Resources section, the accused can be connected with those organizations that assist with mental health, drug & alcohol addiction counseling.

There are even resources available that can assist with employment opportunities for those with a criminal record.

In an effort to better assist the accused in the securing of legal counsel, American Pre-Trial Monitoring Services provides a Need An Attorney section within the app. For those who are able to afford an attorney, they have the ability of accessing the top 100 attorneys listed within the AVVO Attorney Directory (based upon their zip code). For those who are unable to afford, they are provided access to the contact information for each Public Defender's office serving the counties in which charges are pending.

Our app serves the State and victim by providing location data to locate the accused in the event that they fail to appear at each and every attempt the State makes to rebut the presumption of innocence.


For The Accused

Our app will run on Apple iPhones and phones that use the Android operating system.

We have structured our monitoring fees so that they are extremely affordable. We believe it important that you have the ability to have access to the monies necessary to prepare for your defense as well as pay any costs associated with the entities found within the Resources section.

Need flexibility in the payment of your monitoring fee? Not a problem. We have partnered with an industry leading provider of merchant processing and will be able to tailor the payment of your monthly monitoring fee so that it does not become burdensome.

We have developed two systems that will allow you to check-in remotely. The first will require that you take a picture of yourself and after doing so, facial recognition is performed to ensure that you still have the phone in your possession.

The second method of check-in available to you is through our automated check-in phone system. When you become a client of ours, you will select phrases that you will want to use until your case is resolved. When you receive a phone call requesting you to say the phrase, a voice analysis is performed so as to ensure you still have physical possession of the phone.

As soon as we receive notice that all of your cases (in the event that you have cases pending in multiple jurisdictions) have been fully adjudicated, all of your location data will be removed from our system.

For The State

Yes, it most certainly does.

For each accused, you have the ability of specifying an unlimited number of geofences, specifying what activity (entering or exiting the geofence) will give rise to a violation of any court order.

Our monitoring staff is able to monitor all individuals that have been admitted to our monitoring program from any location. In the event that the State requests immediate notification of non-technical violations at the time they occur, Notice of Monitoring Violations can be sent from our monitoring app.

Our monitoring platform comes complete with a Geofence Group module that will allow for the assignment of geofences for all major retailers. In order to unlock this functionality, our monitoring staff would request that you provide a list of all establishments that you would want to have monitored and our strategic partner will provide us with a list that we will import into our software.

Each and every monitoring order contained within our software has the ability to have bond conditions assigned to it. The conditions imposed can be those considered standard (do not depart the jurisdiction, etc) in nature or case specific.

Once the bond conditions have been reviewed, a biometric signature in the form of a facial picture can be used, but only after a facial recognition process has confirmed the identity of the accused.

At all times, the accused has access to their next court date and time and the location and address where they are to appear.

Using our first in class Virtual Daily Docket Roll Call technology, you can be provided a list of those individuals who entered the geofence associated with where hearings are being held.

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